Frank Gunnar Wiberg

Född:1887-03-10 Umeå
Emigrerade:mellan 1906 och 1908 Umeå -> New York, USA
Declaration of Intention:1908-01-13 Washington, USAIn the Superior Court of Snohomish County, State of Washington. I, Frank Wiberg (written), a native of Sweden (written) do declare on oath that it is bona fide my intention to become a Citizen of the United States of America, and to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to all and any foreign Prince, Potentate, State and Sovereignty whatsoever, and particularly to Oscar II King of Norway & Sweden (written) whose subject I am, and that I will support the Constitution and Laws of the United States and the Laws of the State of Washington. So help me God. Frank Wiberg (signature)
Bosatt:1910-05-02 Queens, NY, USA622 Grove Street, rented house.
Frank G Wiberg, Head of the family, white, 28 yrs, married for 6 months, Swedish of Swedish parents, immigrated 1906, alien, speaks English. Occupation: ironworker inside (?) factory, working and has not been unemployed during 1909, able to read and write.
Gertrude Wiberg, Wife, white, 21, immigrated 1906, alien, reads and writes, speaks English, Swedish of Swedish parents, not working.
Resa:1912-12-15 New York, USA -> Liverpool, UKFrank Wiberg (25, not accompanied with wife), mechanic, has ticket to Helsingborg. Fartyg: Carmania.
Källhänvisning: Klass: BT26; Del: 529; Objekt 21.
Naturalization:1915 Kings County, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Bosatt:1916-10-03 Brooklyn, NY, USAAdressen dokumenterad genom att Ester uppgav denna som sitt slutgiltiga resemål när hon emigrerade till USA.
Adress: 477 Dean St.
WWI Draft:1917-06-05 New York, USAHome address: 578 Pacific Street, Brooklyn Kings, NY.
Date of birth: Mar 10, 1877
Declarant ... (?) (at the question of being citizen/naturalized/alien/ or having declared his intention)
Born in Umeå, Sweden.
Occupation: Food maker (??), employed by Chatham (?) ... Co., Mott Street, NY.
Dependent family members: wife & child.
Married, white, no military rank, does not claim exemption of draft.
Tall, of medium build, gray eyes, blond hair, not bald.
Bosatt:1920-01-05 Brooklyn, NY, USAPacific Street 578, rented residence.
Frank G Wiberg, Head of the family, white, 32 yrs, immigrated 1908, "Pa" (naturalized), reads and writes, speaks English, Swedish of Swedish parents. Occupation: Proprietor of Pool Parlour, working on own account.
Gertrude O Wiberg, Wife, white, 31, immigrated 1908, alien, reads and writes, speaks English, Swedish of Swedish parents.
Vincent G Wiberg, Son, white, 6, immigrated 1908, alien, has attended school since Sept 1919, speaks English.
Resa:1928-09-01 Göteborg -> New York, USAFrank Wiberg (41), Gerda Olivia Wiberg (40), Vincent Gunnar (4).
Passports issued by Dept. of State Wash. D.C. No 574997, May 26, 1928.
Address in US: 118-01 Rockaway Blvd., Brooklyn, N.Y.
EmiHamn: 124:169:83038B
Bosatt:1930-04-12 Queens, NY, USAOzone Park, 5th assembly, Rockaway Blvd 1181. Owns the residence, value 20,000, has radio net.
Frank Wiberg, Head of the family, white, 43, married at 22 yrs, immigrated 1906, naturalized, Occupation: Proprietor of Restaurant, not veteran.
Gerda Wiberg, Wife, white, 42, married at 21 yrs, immigrated 1906, naturalized, occupation: housewife.
Vincent Wiberg, Son, white, 17, single, born in Sweden, mother tongue Swedish, immigration: "un", naturalized, no occupation.
Bosatt:1931-06-12 Brooklyn, NY, USA
Resa:1954-10-20 Göteborg -> New York, USAFrank Wiberg, Gerda Wiberg, Vincent Wiberg. Place of birth: Sweden (all three). Fartyg: Kungsholm.

Äktenskap med Gerda Olivia Wiberg (1888 - 1989)

Vigsel:omkring 1909-11-01 USA


Hittar inte i Umeå stads- el landsförsaml. födelseböcker 1887 mars


1887 Födelse 1887-03-10 Umeå
1888 1 år Makan Gerda Olivia Wiberg föds 1888-07-07 Skafta Nilsagård, Traryd
>1906 Emigration mellan 1906 och 1908 Umeå -> New York, USA
1908 20 år Declaration of Intention 1908-01-13 Washington, USA
1909? Vigsel Gerda Olivia Wiberg omkring 1909-11-01 USA
1910 23 år Bosatt 1910-05-02 Queens, NY, USA
1912 25 år Resa 1912-12-15 New York, USA -> Liverpool, UK
1915 Naturalization 1915 Kings County, Brooklyn, NY, USA
1916 29 år Bosatt 1916-10-03 Brooklyn, NY, USA
1917 30 år WWI Draft 1917-06-05 New York, USA
1920 32 år Bosatt 1920-01-05 Brooklyn, NY, USA
1928 41 år Resa 1928-09-01 Göteborg -> New York, USA
1930 43 år Bosatt 1930-04-12 Queens, NY, USA
1931 44 år Bosatt 1931-06-12 Brooklyn, NY, USA
1954 67 år Resa 1954-10-20 Göteborg -> New York, USA
1989 101 år Makan Gerda Olivia Wiberg dör 1989-02-07 Los Angeles, USA
Frank WIberg.